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 Establishing WildAcres in every county in Ireland in order to create safe habitats and to facilitate the free movement of wildlife, vital for biodiversity.

Ecological Education supporting the proactive preservation of Nature









The value of Ireland's land goes far beyond the monetary.

Yet we must rely on the financial support of those who believe that

its worth is intrinsic and that the diverse indigenous species

who depend upon it deserve our protection and respect.


We are a volunteer-led organisation,

and all funds raised go directly to our programs for land and education.


Our Save a Sod campaign embodies our core belief:

plants, animals, land, watersheds, and humans are all interconnected -

the survival of one depends on the other.


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When you donate to Save a Sod we will send you a Certificate

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 Green Sod Ireland is a member of the Chapel & York US Foundation

(Membership No. 1015)




Did you know that  . . .


"We need foraging areas, for bees and other beneficial insects, to detox and restore immune functions"?

Dr Marla Spivak, Distinguished Professor of Entomology, Minnesota.


Providing food and shelter across all types of land helps bee pollinators to, not only survive, but thrive?

What can we do?
  1. Accept that pollination is important
  2. Recognise that there is a problem
  3. Plant native wild flowers in your area - in flowerpots to fields
  4. Support Green Sod Ireland's framework for positive action

Green Sod Ireland, delivering Wild Bee Presentations

Education Officer, Jeanne Sampier, MSc Biodiversity and Conservation