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Biodiversity Summer School 2024

A two day event in Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway that will bring together environmental NGOs…
19th July 2024

New Volunteer Positions

Three new volunteer positions have opened up within Green Sod Ireland to help steer the…
15th July 2024
pine marten
EducationProtecting Biodiversity

Pining for martens

In the shadowy depths of Ireland's woodlands, mossy banks and towering trees, roam our rarest…
11th July 2024
Small Tortoiseshell
Protecting BiodiversityThe Seasons

Fight or flight

Butterflies. Fluttery creatures flit across the spectrum of superstition and folklore where every culture’s got…
28th May 2024
wild garlic
Celebrating BiodiversityThe Seasons

Come she will

At the Galway Food Festival a few years back, JP McMahon led a foraging expedition…
25th April 2024
Celebrating BiodiversityThe Seasons

Arrival of the birds

In my early days in Ireland, I noticed that from April to May, it's a…
10th April 2024