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Our Mission is to protect land for its own sake and for the sake of the species that live on it.


The purpose of Green Sod Ireland is to protect and conserve Irish land in perpetuity, for the sake of its indigenous inhabitants:

Animals, plants, soils, rocks, micro-organisms and the like for their own sake, for present and future generations.

The land of Ireland is a green gift to all of us. In holding land in trust, we acknowledge and respect it for its own sake, thus protecting its indigenous life from destruction. Green Sod Ireland works with local communities, raising awareness of the health, educational, social, economic and environmental benefits of caring for the land and its biodiversity.

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Current Directors of Green Sod Ireland.

Cyrilla Costello Greensod ireland director
Cyrilla Costello – Chairperson

Client Development Manager. Irish Management Institute (IMI).

Mary White Greensod ireland director
Mary White – Vice Chairperson

Mary was TD for Carlow/Kilkenny and a former Minister of State at the Department of Community Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs. She has over 20 years experience in care of the environment. She is a passionate organic grower and hill walker. She is the author of ‘Walkguide to the Blackstairs’ and ‘Environment, Mining and Politics’; International Environmental Awardee – Claouste Gulbenkian Foundation for her work in preserving the Blackstairs as an area of natural beauty. She is currently running Blackstairs Ecotrails in South Carlow.


Pedro Angulo Greensod ireland director
Pedro Angulo – Treasurer

Pedro is Head of Learning, Talent and Engagement in Brown Thomas Arnotts. Prior to that he was Head of Leadership Development in AIB where he led the design and implementation of enterprise-wide leadership development initiatives. He is also a Programme Director of the Diploma in Strategic HRM at the Irish Management Institute (IMI), and member of the HRD UK Advisory Board. For many years, Pedro was President and Chairperson of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) of Ireland.



Nellie McLaughlin director greensod ireland
Nellie McLaughlin – Secretary

Educator in Ecology & Sustainability. Lecturer: M.A in Ecology and Religion. Co-Founder of Green Sod Ireland. Author: Out of Wonder, The Evolving Story of the Universe, and Life’s Delicate Balance, 2015.

Maria Heneghan Greensod ireland director
Maria Heneghan Director

Socio-economic advisor to farm families. M.A. Rural Development. Maria has vast experience of working with rural community groups.


Sam Bishop – Director

Sam is passionate about community and specialises in collaborative community events in public spaces that build neighbourliness. He is the co-founder and CEO of Neighbourhood Network and Director of Another Love Story Festival



Board of Directors formed 26th September 2006

Registered as a legal entity Company Limited by Guarantee

Established Charitable status

Green Sod Ireland

Established as a Registered Charity,

6th February 2007


Melissa Griffith, Galway

Sheila Gallagher, Galway

Nellie McLaughlin, Donegal

Rosaleen Hogan, Dublin

Mary Connaughton, Meath. RIP

Noreen Lyons, Galway

Christine Brennan, Galway

I am only one, I can only do what one can do, but what one can do I will do.

John Seymour, Environmentalist


Green Sod Ireland would like to thank the following for their continued support: