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Why Partner With Us?

A partnership with Green Sod Ireland is a way to take direct action in response to the biodiversity and climate emergency.

You’ll be supporting a female founded volunteer led organisation that works to protect a number of sites dedicated to re-wilding around Ireland, for the health and well-being of all life.
This includes the replanting of native trees, and conserving and protecting ecosystems that are already in place.
Pledging support for community focused environmental work is an effective way to boost your team’s engagement, take genuine action towards net zero emissions, mitigating climate change and conserving biodiversity.
Protecting wild acres means that animal, insect, bird and plant life, as well as soil health, get to thrive and regenerate.
Your staff and your customers will appreciate your commitment towards this important cause.
For each partnership we consider each relationship individually. Based on your goals or sustainability strategy, we could offer you opportunities for education and engagement around biodiversity. In each instance, we work to create a partnership that is mutually beneficial.
If your team, business or organisation would like to protect Ireland’s Wild Acres, get in touch now.
All donations go to protecting the land and species already in trust – Red Bog, Carlow; Arderry, Cavan; Salrock, Connemara, Galway; Rosscarbery, Cork; Meenletterbale, Donegal; Ballinrobe, Mayo.
the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it
our planet needs its wild spaces