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Programmes that highlight the implications for how we live in our modern
consumerist society indicating steps for positive change. We also work with local communities and volunteers to restore habitats and enhance biodiversity locally.

Cumasú Pobail

Cúrsaí Oiliúna a chumasóidh gaol nádúrtha idir an nádúr agus an pobal, a tharraingóidh aird ar na hathraithe a bhfuil gá leo sa sochaí seo a bhfuil béim aige ar thomhaltachas. Oibríonn an Fóidín Glas freisin le pobail áitiúla agus oibrithe deonacha chun barr maise a chur arís ar gnathóga agus bithéagsúlacht a fheabhsú ina gcomharsanacht  féin. 


Green Sod Ireland is a community-based organisation fostering a sense of belonging that connects us to one another and the land around us. Community is as integral to the well-being of all, as is the planetary well-being we seek to foster through the protection of biodiversity and land conservation.
We are building communities around the land that is gifted to our care. The land, and everyone supported by it, (its biodiversity), surrounded by a diverse and caring community, not only contributes to addressing the current environmental emergency, but serves to shape how, together, we can care for our precious Earth and the land and life that sustains us.