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Conscious of your Carbon Footprint?.

Green Sod Ireland goes further than just being ‘carbon neutral’ or ‘sustainable’. Green Sod Ireland is regenerative – it tips the far side of the scale – it gives back, protects and regenerates. This is fundamental to Green Sod Ireland as an organisation and to Ireland as a country.


You can make a donation and a real difference

Your donation will go towards protecting the biodiversity of the land across Ireland in our care.



If you make a donation of €250 or more to Green Sod Ireland in a calendar year, your donation could be worth an extra €112 to Green Sod.

All you need to do is complete, sign and date the Enduring Certificate and return it by email to info@greensodireland.ie  or post to 8 Bowling Green, Galway, H91 Y9X8.
The good news is that the Enduring Certificate lasts for 5 years.                        Alternatively, you may like to donate €21 on a monthly basis.   We greatly appreciate your generosity in taking the time to complete the form and for donating to Green Sod Ireland.