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Save A Sod is a new way to help preserve and protect wild spaces and Irish Biodiversity.

Is slí nua é “Save A Sod” chun ceantair fiáine agus bithéagsúlacht na hÉireann a chosaint agus a chaomhnú

Save A Sod or save one or more for a friend, colleague or family member – A perfect gift for those interested in nature, wildlife, taking action in response to the climate emergency and protecting Irish land and its Biodiversity. Each sod is €25/$25 which will help to care for a piece of land and the species that live on it.

                             Save A Sod – Rewilding Ireland Together 

“Save A Sod” – Athnuachan ceantair fiáine na hÉireann le chéile

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special,

someone who cares about the environment?

Save a Sod could be that gift…

Save a Sod is an alternative gift for any occasion. It is a way to take direct action in response to the climate emergency. In doing so you will be contributing to the protection of Irish biodiversity. All donations go to protecting the land and species already in trust – Red Bog, Carlow; Arderry, Cavan; Salrock, Connemara, Galway; Rosscarbery, Cork; Meenletterbale, Donegal; Ballinrobe, Mayo.



The Save a Sod campaign acknowledges that plants, land, animals, watersheds, and humans are all interconnected, forming a web of life – the survival of one depends upon the other.

Aithnítear san fheachtas “Save A Sod” go bhfuil plandaí, talamh, ainmhithe, foinsí uisce agus daoine uile idirnasctha, ag cruthú gréasán beatha – braitheann marthanas gach aon cheann acu ar a chéile.

Save A Sod Gift Certificates

Dearbháin féirin Save A Sod

Contributors who Save one Sod will receive a Digital Certificate to acknowledge their donation.

Those who Save more than one Sod will receive a beautiful Letterpress Certificate. The certificate is hand-made by Dublin Letterpress Studio ‘One Strong Arm’ using card made from recycled coffee cups and printed with ecological ink.

More details can be found on our Save A Sod FAQ sheet

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Protect wild spaces and Irish Biodiversity from decline.

We invite you to save a sod for one year to help us protect and preserve Ireland’s wild acres at the key sites in our care – Connemara Co.Galway, Rosscarbery Co.Cork, Red Bog Co.Carlow, Ballinrobe Co.Mayo, Kinnegoe Co. Donegal, Arderry Co. Cavan.

Make an impact

Funds go directly to protecting established Wild Acres across Ireland.

Our systemic approach encourages proactive preservation and re-wilding through the care of gifted land and ecological education.

green sod ireland land Red bog

“Our vision – Ireland where ecosystems are flourishing and biodiversity is thriving”

Ár bhfís – Éire ina bhfuil ag éirí thar cionn leis an éiceachórais agus an bhithéagsúlacht faoi bhláth

Help protect and preserve these Wild Acres.

Cabhraigh leis na hAcraí Fiáine seo a chosaint agus a chaomhnú

green sod ireland land Salrock

Donated by Eileen Coyne.

Salrock, Connemara, Co.Galway.

The Connemara land contains many distinct ecosystems from wet heath and rocky outcrops to native woodland. This land with its small ancient oak woodland is home to the yellow orchid and the large marsh grasshopper and much more. Steps are being taken to enrich this bountiful biodiversity that is such an important part of Wild Acres in Connemara.

green sod ireland PaircATobair

Donated by Sisters of Mercy, Southern Province.

Páirc ‘n Tobair, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork.

This is a rich and diverse Wild Acre site, comprising young woodland, meadow, wet woodland, wet meadow and pond life with potential for immense biodiversity growth. In time, this site will develop into an ideal valley woodland, supporting a wide range of plants, birds, mammals and insect species. Major steps have been taken to increase the site’s biodiversity value and nature preservation potential.

green sod ireland land Red bog

Donated by David Rowe, RIP.

Red Bog, Co.Carlow.

This land, in the form of five fields, is species-rich grassland and has a raised boundary bank of furze bushes, with a stream bordering one side. The land and its rich organic garden is being allowed to thrive in all its biodiversity for posterity. Green Sod Ireland’s main function is to continue to support nature to take its course and as a result the land is teeming with wildlife, (flora and fauna).

Donated by Dennis and Doreen O’Connor.

Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo.

A small native woodland consisting of oak, birch, Scots pine, and willow trees, ferns, ivy, wood sage and more. Work is beginning now to ascertain the biodiversity of the area and what management practices need to be put in place to enhance and strengthen the health and well being of the ecosystem.

green sod ireland Arderry

Donated by Marion Jackson.

Arderry, Co Cavan.

Comprising a large habitat area in the 10 interlinked grassland fields, there is an abundance of native tree and hedgerow species. The different features, diversity of flowering and fruiting times, of the hedgerows on this land are important because many species use them. The older hedges contain amounts of dead wood and plant litter within its structure – these provide valuable habitats for invertebrates, which in turn attract predators such as hedgehogs, birds and bats. Our best practice management is crucial to the maintenance of these healthy hedgerows, so vital to wildlife and biodiversity.

map locations of gifted land to green sod ireland
donegal site save a sod logo ireland

Donated by The Sisters of Mercy, Northern Province.

Lecamey, Co. Donegal

The land at Meenletterbale, Inishowen, Co. Donegal was gifted to Green Sod Ireland in 2019.
Most of the area north of the road which divides the land is comprised of the most celebrated of Ireland’s peatlands; an upland blanket bog and scrub mosaic, which over time will be restored to good conservation status. These upland blanket bogs are characterised by the presence of ling heather (Calluna vulgaris), crowberry (Empetrum nigrum) and bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus). Species included Yorkshire fog, creeping thistle, creeping buttercup and redshank, perennial ryegrass, crested dog’s-tail, white clover and soft rush. Scrub vegetation is composed of gorse, hazel, trees such as ash, willow and sycamore, and low shrubs mixed with grasses and herbs.

Two small streams flow through the site, with hedgerows and trees offering covering for native species. This magnificent land has huge biodiversity potential and is a very significant first Wild Acres in Donegal.

Save A Sod Now

“With your help we can continue to protect Ireland’s natural heritage and wildlife.”

Le cabhair uait is féidir linn leanúint orainn ag cosaint oidhreacht nádúrtha agus fiadhúlra na hÉireann