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The Art of a Natural Conversation

A way of becoming more Nature Conscious…


This year, for #WorldEnvironmentDay, with a focus on celebrating #biodiversity, the United Nations is asking humans across the world to give ‘Time for Nature’. To mark the occasion we invite you to consider the art of  ‘a natural conversation’.

The second conversation in the Greenhouse Culture Tea Table Talk series is a contemplation piece more than a conversation in itself. An invitation to explore our personal and interconnected relationship with nature, and reflect upon the possibilities of what a conversation can be. A meditation, if you will…

"As I invite you to consider the art of 'a natural conversation', let us go outside together, breath in the fresh air, 
immerse ourselves in nature, and commune with the Earth." 
- Ashleigh Downey

Green Sod Ireland and Greenhouse Culture, working in collaboration.                                                                                                             ‘Together, we can care for our precious Earth and the land and life that sustains us’