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Help protect Irish biodiversity and wild acres


Save A Sod is a new way to contribute and commit to protecting Irish Biodiversity. We are so excited to be launching our Save A Sod initiative today,  December 2nd. We are asking you to please help us in our work by ‘Saving a Sod’ of Ireland. Funds donated will be used to protect the land in trust. This campaign acknowledges that plants, land, animals, watersheds, and humans are all interconnected, forming a web of life, the survival of one depends upon the other. 

Now is the time for us to act together, to protect what is in danger of being lost forever as David Attenborough says, If we don’t, who will?

How to contribute

From €25 you can protect a Sod of Irish land for one year.

Contributors who save one sod will receive a Digital Cert to acknowledge their donation. Those who save more than one Sod will receive a beautiful Letterpress Certificate. The certificate is hand-made by Dublin Letterpress Studio ‘One Strong Arm’ using card made from recycled coffee cups and printed with ecological ink.

To learn more about the campaign log on to greensodireland.ie/saveasod 

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Green Sod Ireland’s vision is of Ireland as a country where ecosystems are thriving and flourishing