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The Story of the Universe: Lesson Objectives

The main goals of this lesson are to introduce children to the Story of the Universe through the medium of drama, incorporating public speaking, performance and costume making (using Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) to foster cooperation and good communication and give children an experience of evaluating and/or reflecting on drama

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Sharing with an Open Licence:

Green Sod Ireland is sharing “The Story of the Universe” lesson materials as an Open Educational Resource (OER) to encourage sharing and reuse by educators, across Ireland and globally. By sharing these lesson materials openly, Green Sod Ireland is acting in support of UNESCO’s 2020 call to action the global education community :

Green Sod Ireland recommends use of the Universe Story in its entirety, but invites educators to tailor as needed for their own contexts, including translating into other languages. CC BY-NC-SA is an open licence, permitting reuse, with only the following conditions:

  • BY: When reusing the material, give credit to the creator: Green Sod Ireland
  • NC: You may reuse, distribute, remix or adapt the material, in any medium or format, for noncommercial purposes only
  • SA: If others modify or adapt the material, they must license the modified material under identical terms

Materials contained in this “Universe Story” pack:

• Read Me file: This overview document
• Universe Story – Teacher’s Lesson Plan: Master document for teacher includes: Age level; Time required; Objectives; Overview; Method; Materials required; Preparation notes; Teaching notes; Notes on the song lyrics
• Universe Story sheet 1 – Text of “The Story of the Universe”
• Universe Story sheet 2 – Script
• Universe Story sheet 3 – Songs
• Universe Story sheet 3 – Music
• Universe Story Soundtrack (.mp3)
• Universe Story Music & Voice (.mp3)