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Did you know that soils are the largest terrestrial store for carbon and are key in mitigating the most harmful effects of climate change?
This is one of the driving forces behind Green Sod Ireland’s rewilding and land protection work, and we’re delighted that after a busy Spring and Summer the Wild Acres in our care are thriving.

We’d love to share with you some of the small steps and big leaps that are being made on these sites;

  • Ponds have been created to help boost biodiversity and protect ecosystems – with the advice of ecologists and experts.
  • Bird, Bat & Owl boxes are being installed on each site. 🐦🦇🦉
  • Organic vegetable and wildflower gardens have been established in Cork and Carlow ecology centres, in which community groups work 🌼
  • Seeds have been collected throughout the year for tree nursery propagation, beds have been created and we have been weaving hazel from fallen trees. 🌱
  • The land in Salrock, Co. Galway is secured now following fencing work, which will allow biodiversity to thrive. This site is home to the large Marsh Grasshopper and the Green Winged Orchid among others.

  • At the Red Bog, Co. Carlow site the Spruce plantation is being slowly thinned under advice from ecologists 🌲
  • The removal is also ongoing of naturally regenerating non-native species and individual tree or shrub species on the peatland habitat in Kinnego, Co. Donegal, of Rhododendron in Salrock, Co. Galway, and invasive beech and sycamore in Ardagh Co. Cavan. 🍃
  • An ecological survey of native woodland in Co. Mayo has been undertaken. 🔎
  • Four new sites are also under review where we hope to help establish safe biodiversity-rich havens where species can thrive and flourish 🐛 🦋

This work has been possible thanks to your contribution, whether you’ve volunteered your time, donated to our rewilding initiatives or shared our campaigns on social media it all helps and makes it possible to continue rewilding Ireland together.
If you’d like to learn more about our work or become a volunteer with us pop an email to info@greensodireland.ie or check out our Save a Sod campaign to contribute to the protection of Ireland’s Wild Acres.