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Launching Wild Acres Week


One of the things that Green Sod Ireland loves most in the world is biodiversity! To celebrate our natural biodiversity we are holding a series of online events from 5th-12th June where we will discuss the importance of biodiversity in Ireland.

Today, for International Biodiversity Day we officially launch these events with a Tea Table Talk, presented by Greenhouse Culture. With a cup of tea in hand, our Environmental Arts Coordinator and the founder of Greenhouse Culture, Ashleigh Downey will be chatting with Michelle Tighe, another core member of the Green Sod Ireland team, together giving us an overview of what’s to come.


At a glance – Green Sod Ireland will be talking to guest speakers such as scientists, environmentalists and artists to help us understand what biodiversity is, where it exists and what we can do to help it thrive. Biodiversity has many definitions and in simple terms refers to all forms of life on earth including mammals, plants, fungi and microorganisms. So that includes us, our pets and all of the wildlife in the world, no matter how big or small.

In this era of climate change and uncertainty we are inviting specialists to discuss their knowledge of biodiversity and their understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world.

This week long series of events will start on World Environment Day (5th June), and includes workshops, talks, storytelling, and a youth panel discussion. A date for the diary – so do come join us as we learn more about the intrinsic value of nature and what actions we can take to help protect our environment. We look forward to seeing you there…


Wild Acres Week has been co-ordinated by Ashleigh Downey and Michelle Tighe.

Together,  We’re part of the solution